Environment renewable bio-based polyurethane.

Innovation to shape the future.

High performance, technology and economy gathered in an environmentally friendly solution and adequate to the challenges of today’s world.

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Natural oil polyol.

A revolution in the PU industry.

Moving away from petrochemicals and paves the way to renewable vegetable oil polyurethanes. A change to make a difference in the industry and in the lives of millions of people.

Poliois Vegetais believes that it is always possible to go beyond. Helping the world on its global challenges through innovation, high technology and a sustainable outlook. These are the first insights that originated the concept of the renewable natural oil polyol.

The vegetable polyol is obtained from soybean oil, a renewable and environmentally-friendly raw material. Besides producing less waste at lower cost, the required amount of energy during the conversion process is considerably less than that of the petrochemical industry polyols.

These innovative solutions are used in a number of industry sectors for the Economy, like the automotive and the refrigeration industries. But Poliois Vegetais wants to do even more including a range of materials such as helmets, automotive parts, mattresses and even an entire house. The NOP may lead to a significant positive change in the civil construction industry, effluent treatment systems, paints, sport equipment and many more. Is your company ready for the future?

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Pioneership in natural oil polyol production.

Innovation to change a whole industry and to make the planet a better place for people and the environment.

Innovation is not just about creating a different world. It’s about making it better. Since 2002, Poliois Vegetais works to preserve the planet and to benefit the lives of millions of people, investing in research, development and innovation in very high quality solutions, in an environmentally responsible manner. More than a product, the natural oil polyol is truly a legacy for generations to come.


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Research, development and innovation


Commitment to the evolution and enhancement of solutions of today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Poliois Vegetais offers solutions based on the main challenges of our times – the use of renewable raw materials, the economy and the preservation of resources and to minimize the output of waste – creating the ideal scenario for the emergence of innovative opportunities. New technologies and products are developed in our lab according to each clients’ needs, under rigid quality control procedure, that goes from the raw material to advanced industrial processes. Do you need a customized solution?

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Flexible applications to many different industrial segments.

The Vegetable Polyols’ products can be used pure or blended with petrochemical polyols, according to the needs and particularities of each client, furthermore they possess an excellent compatibility with the diverse range of blowing agents found in the market.

  • Adhesive / glue
  • Mattress / pillows
  • Civil construction
  • Footwear industry
  • Sports industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Insulation in general (acoustic and thermal)
  • Technical parts
  • Domestic and commercial refrigeration
  • Automotive, marine and leisure
  • Mining industry (pipes)

Customized solutions for each type of business.

SYSTEM HOUSE (formulated polyols)

For those who want to buy the technology of a product already developed and formulated to meet specific needs.

BASE POLYOLS - NOPs (natural oil polyols).

To markets and customers that dominate the task of formulating a product from the desired characteristics.

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Natural Oil Polyol

Poliois Vegetais is pioneer in the production of natural oil polyols with knowledge, technology and capacity to develop different types of polyols, according to the specific needs of each application.

Polyol for Flexible Foams

It is a natural polyol derived from soybean oil, used as a raw material in the manufacture of flexible polyurethane foams.

Line with different rates of hydroxyls (OH value): 56 mgKOH/g | 68 mgKOH/g | 80 mgKOH/g | 110 mgKOH/g | 165 mgKOH/g

One of our most recent developments is the polyol with hydroxyl rate 165 mgKOH/g designed to substitute companies using castor oil in their formulations.

Polyol for Rigid Foams

Line of natural polyol derived from soybean oil. These products are used as raw material in the manufacture of rigid foams and semi-rigid polyurethane.

Line with different rates of hydroxyls (OH value):
300 mgKOH/g | 400 mgKOH/g | 450 mgKOH/g | 500 mgKOH/g

NOP Formulated (for technical parts)

Line of formulated polyol derived from soybean oil used as a raw material in the manufacture of rigid polyurethane foams with specific characteristics, such as durability, adhesion and machinable.

Polyurethane adhesives

Line of polyurethane adhesives, bicomponent, used for bonding polystyrene, wood, metal and other materials with short or long curing times.

Ratio (Envirobond: Isocianate): 100:100
Reactivity :
– Cream time, CT (seconds)
– Fiber time (seconds)
– Tempo de Pega Livre (seconds)


Poliois Vegetais’ elastomers are formulated from natural oil polyols and have excellent flow and good adhesion to different materials. These products can be processed manually or injected in high or low pressure machinery. This line presents static and expansive elastomers with different adjustable reactivity, cure times and densities.

Properties: Ratio (Elastomers: Isocianate):
may vary due to the hardness and density of each manufacturing industry’s needs.
– Cream time, CT (seconds)
– Fiber time (seconds)
– Tempo de Pega Livre (seconds)
– Density – XXX kg / m3

Polyurethane Systems

Vegetable Polyols’ systems were designed for the manufacturing of semi-rigid polyurethane foams, like blocks, panels, insulation in general, spray and structural foams. The foam formulated with the natural vegetable-based oil polyol has a good adhesion to different materials such as steel, sheets of other metals, concrete and fiberglass. It also gives excellent fluidity in filling molds with specific and complex designs, being able to be processed manually or injected in high or low pressure machinery.

Ratio (Polyol: Isocianate): 100:100 | 100:110 | 100:120 (the ratio depends on the formulation, the segment and the needs of each customer).
– Cream time, CT (seconds)
– Fiber time (seconds)
– Tempo de Pega Livre (seconds)
– Density: kg/m 3

Poliois Vegetais’ systems have adjustable reactivity and free densities, according to the needs of each client.